[Podcast] In Conversation with… Paula Myllyoja

Mark W joins Keke for this episode of In Conversation, on this occasion with Pink Bari and Helmarit goalkeeper, Paula Myllyoja. This interview ran so long, that we made two episodes. In the first, Paula talks us through her international career to-date and her hopes for Euro 2021. In the second, we talk about her club career and her battle against her biggest “injury” – leukemia and a brain haemorrhage – an incredible story!

Episode 1 – Paula & the Helmarit

Episode 2 – Paula’s Club Career & Return From “Injury”

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[Podcast] Finnish Football Show 36: Helmarit Qualify For Euro 2021 🌟 | Suomen Cup Update | Huuhkajat Fixtures 2021

The Suomen Cup has progressed through the groups stages, so we look back at the recent action and forward to the upcoming knockout games. We also discuss the recently released 2021 fixture list for the Finland Mens National Team, the Huuhkajat. We blow a little smoke up Keke’s a** for the interviews he’s arranged recently in our FFS In Conversation… series. And we throw a little shade at Mark W for moonlighting with other podcasts about Finnish football 😱

But there’s only one place we can start and that is by discussing the Finland Womens National Team, the Helmarit, who stormed through their qualification group for Euro 2021 (which will be hosted in the UK in 2022, of course.)

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[Podcast] In Conversation with… Sauli Väisänen

The Finnish Football’s Show’s intrepid interviewer, Keke, was flying solo again for this interview, with Finland and Chievo Verona defender, Sauli Väisänen. Keke took one of his customary trips with a player through their career, and Sauli was good value, sharing stories about:

  • His varied youth career around Helsinki.
  • Moving to the Allsvenskan in Sweden at an early age and ALMOST playing with Eero Markkanen.
  • His views on Finnish players moving overseas at a young age.
  • Making a big move to Serie A in Italy and how he kept active under the first, strict lockdown in Italy.
  • Making his international debut away to Iceland and, later, playing for Finland alongside his brother, Leo.
  • How he still gets chills when he thinks about THAT NIGHT in Helsinki, when Finland qualified for Euro 2020. And taking inspiration from Greece winning Euro 2004
  • His appreciation for the support from the Huuhkajat fans over the years, through good times and bad.
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[Podcast] Finnish Football Show 35: Suomen Cup 2021 Preview | Euro 2020 Latest | Transfer News

We’re in the middle of the closed-season in Finland, which is why we’ve been quiet lately, but with the Suomen Cup due to restart on 1st February, we look forward to the group stage and explain the structure of the competition. We also discuss the closed-season transfers in the Veikkausliiga and for Finns overseas.

But first, we look at the recent noise created by UEFA and the recent announcements about ticket refunds for EURO 2020…

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[Podcast] In Conversation with… Lukáš Hrádecký

Our guest for this episode, inspired the entire FFS team to turn up for a five-way Zoom. Current Bayer Leverkusen and Finland goalkeeper, Lukáš Hrádecký, spoke to us for an hour about, well, his entire career. A career that started at TPS Turku and took him to Denmark and then Germany. Lukáš explains the perils of hearing a room with Teemu Pukki and why he turned down Manchester United.

We learn what situations give him ‘brown underpants’ and his perspective of his 3rd minute red card and following ‘walk of shame’. He also explains the camaraderie among the national team, created by a club-style atmosphere in the dressing room. He also gets his Huuhkaja mask out – no, that’s not a euphemism!

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[Podcast] In Conversation with… the Armada Turku Supporters Group

[Show Notes] Keke flies solo on this episode and speaks with Jussi from the Armada Turku ultra group. Jussi tells Keke about the different supporter groups following Inter Turku, the rivalry with ‘the other Turku club’ and dealing with heavy-handed security. He explains how they design and create their eye-catching Tifos and how it helps attract new, younger fans, both to Inter Turku and Finnish football in general. They also discuss following the Finland National team, the Huuhkajat, which is Keke’s ‘club side’ nowadays and those all-important Away Days, travelling to support their teams.

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