[Podcast] Finland’s Managerial Merry-go-round. FFS!

Merry-go-round = Carousel or karuselli

This is the episode that Mark H has been promising/threatening for a couple of weeks. The team discuss the recent spate of sackings, announcements of upcoming resignations (pre-signations?) and rumoured manager transfers for 2022. Attention then turns to SJK Seinäjoki, who are firmly embroiled in this silly-season and whose fans are about to take action and boycott the upcoming game with FC Inter Turku.

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[Podcast] In Conversation with… Joni Kauko

In this episode, we are joined by a very special guest, Joni Kauko, fresh from Euro 2020. A Veikkausliiga winner who also has Suomen Cup and Liiga Cup winners medals in his collection. A combative attacking midfielder who has been a regular Huuhkajat squad member for the past few years.

Joni tells us about his club career that has taken him from Finland to India, via Germany and Denmark. He talks about his international career that started a decade ago with a pre-Rivelution Markku Kanerva as his manager. He also explains about his fascination with Marvel movies, socks and video game.

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Champions League and Conference League Qualifying 2021/22

Football never sleeps. Less than three weeks since Chelsea lifted the Champions League trophy (spit), European club competition roll back into town this week with the draw for the first qualifying round of the various tournaments, including the new Europa Conference League.

Rich drags himself away from Euro 2020 for a few minutes to explain how Finnish teams might fare in this year’s draws. Continue reading Champions League and Conference League Qualifying 2021/22

[Podcast] In Conversation with… the Armada Turku Supporters Group

[Show Notes] Keke flies solo on this episode and speaks with Jussi from the Armada Turku ultra group. Jussi tells Keke about the different supporter groups following Inter Turku, the rivalry with ‘the other Turku club’ and dealing with heavy-handed security. He explains how they design and create their eye-catching Tifos and how it helps attract new, younger fans, both to Inter Turku and Finnish football in general. They also discuss following the Finland National team, the Huuhkajat, which is Keke’s ‘club side’ nowadays and those all-important Away Days, travelling to support their teams.

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