[Podcast] In Conversation with… Thesis Author, Susanna Liljander

“Women supporters’ experiences in SJK Seinäjoki’s Klopit”

In 2022, Susanna Liljander conducted a survey among female members of SJK Seinäjoki’s supporters group, Klopit. This survey formed the basis of her Master’s thesis which was recently published and shared on the Klopit Facebook group. Mark W’s wife, Lady Satu, is also an active member of Klopit, so he thought he’d get Satu and Susanna together to compare the theory with the reality.

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[Podcast] In Conversation with… Johanna Ruohonen

In this special episode ahead of the 2022 Women’s Euros beginning this week in England, Rich spoke with author Johanna Ruohonen about her new book Naisten Laji, the origins of women’s football in Finland and Europe and how things have changed – and where inequality still remains. Finland play their three group games in Milton Keynes, where Rich and Keke will be supporting the Helmarit in the matches against Spain, Denmark and Germany.

Johanna describes how the book came about, speaking with female players past and present, hopes for the future and how the Helmarit and Kansallinen Liiga can provide positive role models for the next generation of women’s footballers and coaches in Finland.

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