[Podcast] Euro 2020 Match Review – Finland 0-1 Russia

This was a game in which the Huuhkajat were looking to cement a place in the knockout stages, and to show the watching world, that the win against Denmark was not just the result of extenuating circumstances. It didn’t quite go to plan…

Mark H, Rich and Keke review the action as Finland had an early goal disallowed for offside, before eventually going down to a goal from Al Miranchuk just before half-time. They also look at Finland’s potential path through the Euros and talk about the FFS team’s busy schedule of media appearances around the world on the mainstream media.

And by the way, Producer Mark was working, not moonlighting for SJK, working!

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[Podcast] Euro 2020 Match Review – Denmark 0-1 Finland

In the aftermath of the shocking collapse of Christian Eriksen during the Denmark 0-1 Finland, the FFS team get together to look back at the game.

Firstly, Mark W, Rich and Keke review the sporting action on the field and the mixed emotions felt by Huuhkajat supporters as the team gets its first, goal, points and win, in a major competition finals.

Then, Mark W speaks with Mark H about his trip to Copenhagen and his first-hand eyewitness account of Eriksen’s collapse and on-pitch resuscitation. He talks about the amazing atmosphere between the Danish and Finnish fans, that only got stronger as the drama unfurled.

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[Podcast] In Conversation with… Niila Arajuuri

In our episodes of 27.5.2021, Mark W and Keke admitted to getting emotional when they first heard the Finland song for Euro 2020. So we invited Niila Arajuuri ‘the man who made Keke cry’ onto the show to explain himself! This was going to be a segment in a future FFS, but we felt it deserved to be a stand-alone episode.

Mark W flew solo on this one and spoke with Niila about his love of football and music and how music one the battle for his affections. He explains how it feels to have an Eagle Owls for a brother and the process of writing an anthem in Finnish rather than English.

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