[Podcast] Behind the Quarantine: The Finland International Footballer

Keke talks to Finland international player (or Huuhkaja) Markus Halsti, who explains how he, and fellow Finn Joni Kauko, are trying to keep fit for Esbjerg fB in Denmark, and how they could be recalled to action with a days notice, even though the club coaches are currently NOT ALLOWED to train them!

Markus tells about his special connection with HJK Helsinki and Malmo FF and his experiences at D.C. United in Major League Soccer – including how USA fan culture incorporates chainsaws! 😨 Finally Markus shares his disappointment at not swapping shirts with Xabi Alonso and why he couldn’t celebrate on the pitch after THAT Liechtenstein game, when Finland qualified for Euro 2020.

Download an MP3 of Behind the Quarantine: The Finland International Player – Markus Halsti


Gallery: Markus Halsti in Action

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