[Podcast] Finnish Football Show 34: France 0-2 Finland | Nations League Preview | Veikkausliiga 2020 Review

In this episode, firstly, we look back at the historic win for Finland away to France. We then turn our attention forward to this week’s Nations League fixtures. There are two away games for the Huuhkajat, who take on Bulgaria and Wales in the final two games in the 2020 Nations League.

We’ll also look back at the Veikkausliiga season, which was cut short after the 22 ‘regular season’ games (as we’d speculated in the last show). We’ll look at the winners, the losers, the surprise packages and the predictably average.

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First Half

Huuhkajat Update

THAT Friendly vs France | Upcoming Nations League games

📺 Finland games on the Ruutu and JIM (free-to-air TV)

  • France 0-2 Finland 😳
    • Wissam Ben Yedder testing positive
  • Bulgaria vs Finland
  • Wales vs Finland
Huuhkajat fixtures and results, autumn 2020
Finland Squad for the Bulgaria and Ireland Fixtures
Schulller ja Lappalainen vain Bulgaria- ja Irlanti-ottelut
Squad list: https://www.palloliitto.fi/jalkapallouutiset/huuhkajat-nimetty-marraskuun-otteluihin


Ja sillä sipuli

  • Tatsi. Literally borrowed from the English word touch.
    • To have good ball control: Hitsi mikä tatsi Wow, what a touch!

Second Half

Veikkausliiga 2020 Review

  • Season ending after 22 games and the financial impact on clubs (positives and negatives)
  • HJK clear winners, but pushed all the way by Inter & KuPS
  • HiFK’s impending financial crisis
  • TPS now have a relegation play off with KTP (details on the Palloliitto website)
    • 11.11 KTP 0-0 TPS
    • 14.11 TPS – KTP

Recent Veikkausliiga Results 8.10 – 4.11.2020

Veikkausliiga results 17.9 – 5.10.2020

Veikkausliiga Table 2020 – Final positions

Veikkausliiga table 5.10.2020

Veikkausliiga Top Scorers– Final positions

Top Scorers as of 5.10.2020



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