[Podcast] Finnish Football Show 35: Suomen Cup 2021 Preview | Euro 2020 Latest | Transfer News

We’re in the middle of the closed-season in Finland, which is why we’ve been quiet lately, but with the Suomen Cup due to restart on 1st February, we look forward to the group stage and explain the structure of the competition. We also discuss the closed-season transfers in the Veikkausliiga and for Finns overseas.

But first, we look at the recent noise created by UEFA and the recent announcements about ticket refunds for EURO 2020…

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First Half

Euro 2020 Ticket News

Suomen Cup

Info from www.palloliitto.com

In the men’s Suomen Cup group stage, both the Veikkausliiga and Ykkönen qualifiers will be played as simple groups of four teams.

  • The winners of the 3 Veikkausliiga groups will advance directly to the Finnish Cup quarter-finals.
  • The other 5 quarter-finalists will be decided by the winners of a knockout round of games, made up of:
    • The 3 runners-up of the Veikkausliiga groups
    • The 3 winners of the Ykkönen qualifiers
    • The 2 best group runners-up
    • The 2 final teams of the Kakkonen Cup (the winner of the Kakkonen Final will proceed to the Suomen Cup quarters)
Suomen Cup Groups


Ja sillä sipuli

  • Selkäsauna. Literally: Back Sauna
    • A heavy defeat, a real drubbing, a spanking

Second Half


Keke’s ‘Finn’s Overseas’ transfer notes



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