Save The Date: Huuhkajat Fixtures 2021

2021, the new 2020

On Tuesday March 2nd, the Palloliitto announced the final preparation game ahead of the European Championships, leaving us with what we think will be the complete set of fixtures for the 2021 international season… COVID and mutations permitting of course. The Huuhkajat will be in action at least 13 times over the course of the year, with many of us hopeful for a slightly extended stay at the Euros. The complete set looks as follows:

Rumors circulated this week that Euro 2020 will change format, from the multi-city hosting approach, in favour of a more traditional host country approach. With Great Britain looking odds on to be awarded the tournament in such circumstances. If existing plans hold, supporters will need to renew their processes with Russian authorities over visiting visa rights, a final decision on hosting is expected from UEFA in April.

Finland will have a tough World Cup qualifying group, an understandably tricky group at the Euro’s and will be making a 15,000 kilometre round-trip over the course of the year.

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