[Podcast] In Conversation with… Paula Myllyoja

Mark W joins Keke for this episode of In Conversation, on this occasion with Pink Bari and Helmarit goalkeeper, Paula Myllyoja. This interview ran so long, that we made two episodes. In the first, Paula talks us through her international career to-date and her hopes for Euro 2021. In the second, we talk about her club career and her battle against her biggest “injury” – leukemia and a brain haemorrhage – an incredible story!

Episode 1 – Paula & the Helmarit

Episode 2 – Paula’s Club Career & Return From “Injury”

Download an MP3 of Paula & the Helmarit


  • A huge thank you Paula for agreeing to the interview.
  • Follow her on Instagram @paulamyllyoja

Episode 1 – Paula & the Helmarit

Paula talks us through the final few games of the Euro 2021 qualifying campaign, from which the Helmarit qualified for Euro 2021 in impressive style. She tells us about her feelings at the start of the qualifiers and as she saw Amanda Rantanen’s unbelievable goal to seal their place. She tells us about making her debut for the Finland National Team, aged 34, and the close feeling between the group of goalkeepers (see the photo below).

Amanda Rantanen’s goal for Finland vs Scotland
Linda Sällström’s goal for Finland vs Portugal
The three Helmarit goalkeepers celebrating!

Episode 2 – Paula’s Club Career & Return From “Injury”

In this episode, Paula takes us through her club career. From being a stubborn five-year-old who insisted on playing with the boys, through to being a stubborn 22-year-old who refused to be ‘injured’ by leukemia and a brain haemorrhage – you will not believe how quickly she was back in training! She talks about playing in the Champions League and, then, getting the opportunity to turn professional and move to Italy in her mid-30’s, before answering the BIG question; what’s better, Italian or Finnish coffee?

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