[Podcast] Who’s On The Plane To The Euros?

Rich, Mark H & Keke discuss the recent Huuhkajat friendly game versus Switzerland and then put themselves in the shoes of ‘Rive’ Kanerva as they attempt to choose their final Euro 2020 squad from a list of 36 players!

The British phrase ‘written on the back of a fag packet’ seems appropriate – so get your cigarette packets ready and start choosing your team…

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First Half

Racist Abuse of Glen Kamara

  • Review of Switzerland 3 – 2 Finland on 31.3.2021


Ja sillä sipuli

  • Ryöstöretki. A raid or robbery.
    • When you play to steal a point (or three) from the opposition.

Second Half

Who’s booked their seat on the Euro 2020 plane?

  • The Huuhkajat have friendlies arranged against Sweden (29th May, Stockholm) then it’s on to the business of the Euros!!
  • We decided to put ourselves in the shoes ofMarkku ‘Rive’ Kanerva and try to decide who should be on the plane to take their place in the squad in this historic tournament.


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