Match Report: Christian Eriksen in stable condition

Group B, opening game

Christian Eriksen in stable condition.

On Saturday evening a harrowing incident saw Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen collapse unconscious, only to be resuscitated by medical staff on the pitch. Eriksen was later moved to hospital where his situation stabilised.

After an apparent video call with team mates, both nations decided to conclude the match, which Finland won 1-0 thanks to a second half header from Joel Pohjanpalo. Finland sustained heavy pressure throughout the tie, including a Hradecky save from a Pierre-Emile Hjøberg penalty.

Present at the game, the entire Finnish Football Show would like to thank and praise the fast reactions and professionalism of players, coaching and medical staff, emergency services and even fans during this traumatic time. We wish a speedy recovery to Christian Eriksen and the best of luck to our Group B, companions Denmark.

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