[Podcast] Finnish Football Show: Review of Finland’s Euro 2020 Campaign | SMJK vs COVID | Transfers | Veikkausliiga

And so it ends. With three group games played in 10 days, the Finland team managed a goal, a win and finished third in group B. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the Huuhkajat to qualify for the knockout stage, but they did themselves and the while country proud.

Mark H, Mark W, Rich and Keke get together to review the final group game against Belgium and discuss how we felt while waiting for the final group positions to be decided. We also choose our Huuhkajat player of the Euros, before turning our attention to transfer news/speculation and the domestic Veikkausliiga season.

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Finland 0-2 Belgium

  • Finland 0-2 Belgium
  • Waiting for other results on Wednesday 23rd June
  • Rich’s article Euro 2020: Finland’s roadmap
  • Listener question from Axel RK on Twitter “What repercussions do you think will this have on the future of Finland’s football? Do you think that Finnish players and teams will revaluate because of this milestone?”
  • Listener question from Juuso Viita on Twitter “Thoughts on the defensive approach to the Russia game? In my opinion, should have played a more progressive 4-4-2 and maybe brought on Forss rather than Lappalainen for the final 5-10 mins.. One of the weakest Russia sides of all time?
  • Former guest question from Cameron @footy_nordic “With a lot of the Finland squad aged over 30, do you think the foundations are set for Finland into the future?”

Finland’s Player of the Euros

  • Paulus Arajuuri and Joona Toivio solid as always, however…
  • Lukáš Hrádecký nominated by Rich
  • Robin Lod nominated by Mark H
  • Jere Uronen nominated by Mark W
  • Daniel O’Shaughnessy nominated by Keke
  • And the overall winner, agreed by all… Lukáš Hrádecký 👑

Post-Russia COVID Outbreak

  • 140 confirmed cases in Helsinki region alone.
  • Our opinion ‘This cannot be blamed on SMJK. people need to take personal responsibility.’

Huuhkajat World Cup Qualifiers 2021



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Ja sillä sipuli

  • Tuhnu. A miss-kick.

Second Half

New Contracts, Transfer News, Rumours & Gossip

  • New Contracts
    • Niki Mäenpää – Two-year deal at Venezia
  • Confirmed Transfers
    • Joni Kauko – Free agent to ATK MB in Kolkata LINK
    • Linda Sällström – Paris FC to HJK Helsinki
  • Rumours
    • Glen Kamara – Glasgow Rangers to Watford or Brentford LINK
      • Also, Alfredo Moreno looks set for a move from Glasgow Rangers to Porto for about £15m, which will net HJK Helsinki a sell-on fee.
    • Jesse Joronen – Brescia (Serie B) to Genoa (Serie A)
  • Free Agents
    • Tim Sparv
    • Paulus Arajuuri

Recent Veikkausliiga Action

Veikkausliiga Results since May 15th
Veikkausliiga Table 24.6.2021
Veikkausliiga Top Scorers 24.6.2021


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