[Podcast] Finnish Football Show: Veikkausliiga 2021 Review – HJK Helsinki Crowned Champions 🏆🏅

The final weekend of the Veikkausliiga 2021 season was full of drama. First played second, as KuPS hosted HJK in a battle for the title. While third played fourth, as Inter hosted SJK in the bronze medal match… and what accommodating hosts they were too! This game also turned into a shoot-out for the top scorer prize, with Benjamin Källman and Ariel ‘Tuco’ Ngueukam going toe-to-toe in this game, and both finishing on 14 goals for the season.

Mark H, Rich, Keke and Mark W get together to review the final weekend’s action and let’s just say, there were mixed emotions for the FFS team! We also look at the action in the Veikkausliiga/Ykkönen play-off between AC Oulu & RoPS.

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First Half

  • Mestaruussarja (Champions series) and Haastajasarja (Challenger series)
  • Top 6 all play each other one more time. Bottom six play each other one more time.
  • Season will end after 27 games are played: 22 in the regular season and 5 more in these final series’

Veikkausliiga Table 29.9.2021







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Ja sillä sipuli

  • KuustoistLiterally ’16 as in 16m’
    • 16m also known as the 18 yard box.

Second Half

Veikkausliiga Top Scorers


Ykkönen 2021 Table


Veikkausliiga / Ykkönen 2021 Play-off

  • 3.11.2021 – RoPS 2-1 AC Oulu
  • 7.11.2021 – AC Oulu 2-0 RoPS
    • AC Oulu stay in the Veikkausliiga
    • VPS Vaasa are promoted as Champions

HJK Helsinki – Europa Conference League




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