[Podcast] In Conversation with… Thesis Author, Susanna Liljander

“Women supporters’ experiences in SJK Seinäjoki’s Klopit”

In 2022, Susanna Liljander conducted a survey among female members of SJK Seinäjoki’s supporters group, Klopit. This survey formed the basis of her Master’s thesis which was recently published and shared on the Klopit Facebook group. Mark W’s wife, Lady Satu, is also an active member of Klopit, so he thought he’d get Satu and Susanna together to compare the theory with the reality.

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Bonus – 10th Anniversary of SJK’s Supporter Group ‘Klopit’

As a supplement to the live recorded Finnish Football Show, Mark W speaks to Lari Paski, Supporters Liaison Officer and leader of the Klopit; Seinäjoki FC’s supporters group. It was recorded on the coach to watch SJK vs KPV in the Suomen Cup in February 2018 – so there’s a little background noise.

Download an MP3 of 10th Anniversary of SJK’s Klopit Show Notes & Video