Finnish Football Show #2 – Where Next for the Huuhkajat?

Join Mark (@explorefinland), Rich (@escapetosuomi) and Mark (@MaHa_FCSuomi) for monthly episodes, where 3 old blokes sit and talk about football. In Finland.

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Show Notes & Video

This show is recorded & broadcast live via Blab you can subscribe to the next scheduled episode on the Blab website, or follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date. You can watch the video of this episode on Blab or below on YouTube:

In episode two, we started by talking about some recent news that has caught our attention:

  1. Rich — The new format for the 2017 Finnish Cup.
  2. Mark H — Tim Sparv’s FC Midjylland drawing against Manchester United in the Europa League. His dream draw, apparently.
  3. Mark W — Moshtagh Yaghoubi’s recent comments about racism affecting his feelings towards playing for the National team.

take a closer look at the Finnish National Team;

  • Euro 2016 qualifier autopsy — so near and yet so far!
  • The Romania game that effectively ended Finland’s qualification… last minute heartbreak again.
  • Suggestions of a different formation, to make the most of Roman Eremenko.
  • Markku Kannerva’s impact as an interim coach, and his narrow 4-4-2 formation
  • Mixu Paatelainen’s replacement as manager of Huuhkajat. Who is Hans Backe?
  • 5 things that Hans Backe needs to do to get Finland qualified:
    • Find Pace and width.
    • Win the Baltic Cup.
    • Respond to Form.
    • Give the Veikkausliiga a chance.
    • Get players and agents in the right frame of mind i.e.focused on playing rather than transfers fees.

Remember, if you join us live for the recording, there’s an extra ‘off the record’ section that isn’t included on the podcast. You could join us on Blab, then ask a question in person, or just come on and say hi.

Thanks again for everyone that joined us for the live recording. Following one (or all) of us on Twitter for advanced warning of the next Show.

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