Finnish Football Show #5 – The Worst Time to Start a Podcast About Finnish Football?

Join Mark (@explorefinland), Rich (@escapetosuomi) and Mark (@MaHa_FCSuomi) for monthly episodes, where 3 old blokes sit and talk about football. In Finland.

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Show Notes & Video

This show is recorded & broadcast live via Blab you can subscribe to the next scheduled episode on the Blab website, or follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date. You can watch the video of this episode on Blab or below on YouTube;

The #FFS theme tune is “Loppuun asti” by Lemmenpyssyt. You can listen to the song on Spotify or on YouTube . Connect with Lemmenpysyt on Facebook.

As is now normal, we started episode five by covering some recent news stories that have caught our attention:

  1. Rich – Okkonen/Gilligan/Ions scandal
  2. Mark H – Palloliitto’s uncontested Chairman election
  3. Mark W – The joint Nordic bid for Euro 2024

We then moved on to the main subjects of the show:

1. Recent International Games

  • Poland 5-0 Finland 😱
  • Norway 2-0 Finland 😱 😱 😱

2. What did we learn from the first few Veikkausliiga results

  • HJK 2 – 0 Mariehamn
  • PK-35 3 – 4 RoPS
  • Inter P – P SJK

3. Veikkausliiga preview

  • Where we did things a little  differently to ‘normal’ football shows. Did start by choosing our potential Champions, or relegation certainties, nope. The FFS5 team started by predicting who would finish 4th! You can hear who we put into this highly-coveted position by listening to (or watching) the show.

And we didn’t even get onto the subject of the Palloliitto’s plans to prevent players and supporters interacting during the game. More of that, without doubt, in #FFS6.

Remember, if you join us live for the recording, there’s an extra ‘off the record’ section that isn’t included on the podcast. You could join us on Blab, then ask a question in person, or just come on and say hi.

Thanks again for everyone that joined us for the live recording. Follow one (or all) of us on Twitter for advanced warning of the next Show.

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