Finnish Football Show #9: 50-year-old Footballer, Suomen Cup Final, Stadin Derby & Veikkausliiga

Join Mark (@explorefinland), Rich (@escapetosuomi) and Mark (@FCSuomi) for monthly episodes, where 3 old blokes sit and talk about football. In Finland.

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Show Notes & Video

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In a break from ‘tradition’, episode nine started by introducing a guest to the Show. Simon Gray joined us to talk to us about recent events in Kakkonen (Finland’s third level of football). Simon played in the recent 8-0 defeat for FC Virkiä from Lapua that got some of our listeners AND PRESENTERS rather excited. This was his debut in professional football, at the ripe old age of 50!!

On a more positive note, he also told us about Virkiä’s links to Liverpool FC, and the summer training camps that have been held in Lapua in recent years. Finally, Simon got the chance to meet a hero recently, listen to the show to hear about his training session with the man known as ‘Kuningas’!

We said goodbye (and thank you) to Simon, then we discussed the recent news:

  1. Mark H – Hans Backe’s “watershed moment” comment in a recent interview
  2. Rich – The promotion race in Ykkönen with two games to go, and the potential Turku derby for a place in the Veikkausliiga
  3. Mark W – SJK beating HJK on penalties to win the Suomen Cup

HJK in crisis

Following on from the Suomen Cup result, we discussed the Stadin Derby  (Helsinki derby) between HIFK and HJK, which resulted in a dramatic 2-1 victory for HIFK, and disturbances in the crowd.

This led us on nicely to…

The upcoming end of the Veikkausliiga season

The question posed in FFS8 was ‘Does anyone want to win this league?’ Now it’s time to see. For the second show running, Mark W had done some research :-0

At the top
There are 3 full rounds of games remaining after the international break: Fri 14th, Mon 17th & Sun 23rd, and it’s getting very tight now, with four teams separated by 3 points.

The season finale sees the top four playing each other. HJK play all three of the other title contenders. Here are the current league positions (as of 12.10.2016)

1. 54 points Mariehamn play HJK, Lahti then Ilves
2. 53 points HJK play Mariehamn, Ilves, then SJK
3. 52 points SJK play Lahti, Vantaa then HJK
4. 51 points Ilves play HIFK, HJK then Mariehamn

Any interest for the chasing pack?

With SJK winning the Suomen Cup and gaining a place in the 2017 Europa League, the fourth league position will now claim a Europa League place. This means there is still something to fight for for the teams just below Ilves…

5. 47 points VPS
6. 45 points RoPS
7. 43 points KuPS
8. 38 points Lahti seem to be the only team with nothing left to play for.
Safe from both relegation and success.

At the bottom

But just above them, there’s a three-way battle to avoid the Ykkönen relegation play-off:

09. 34 points Kemi
10. 32 points HIFK
11. 30 points Inter Turku
12. 10 points PK-35 Vantaa have been doomed for weeks. Although Henry Hakamäki of this parish, insisted that we mention their ladies team that has just won the Ladies Championship

Full Veikkausliiga table on

Remember, you welcome to join us for the live recording, you could join in by asking a question in person, or just come on and say hi. Thanks again for everyone that joined us for the live recording of #FFS9.

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