Finnish Football Show #12: Backe sacke & ‘Crack’. Hans Backe Fired.

Join Mark (@explorefinland), Rich (@EscapeToSuomi) and Mark (@FCSuomi) for monthly episodes, where 3 old blokes sit and talk about football. In Finland.

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Show Notes & Video

This show is now recorded & broadcast live on YouTube. Follow Mark Wiltshear’s Channel for announcements of future broadcasts.

The #FFS theme tune is “Loppuun asti” by Lemmenpyssyt. You can listen to the song on Spotify or on YouTube . Connect with Lemmenpyssyt on Facebook.

In episode 12, the show started and ended with news, because there’s hardly been any football, it was ALL news!

So let’s take it in chronological order building up to the big story that broke over the weekend of 10/11 December 2016.

Ukraine vs Finland

Listen to the show take a psychedelic turn for a few moments, as Mark H starts talking to his own echo 😂

Roman Eremenko’s drug ban

OK, so the ban was for cocaine rather than crack, but that wouldn’t have made for such a catchy title for the Show.

Backe’s sack

#FFS’ immediate response was ‘genuine surprise’ followed by 🎉 🎊 🎈But who are the new men? With over 250 international appearances between them, there is a younger, hungry group leading Huuhkajat.

  • Markku Kanerva: Manager, now in his third stint as manager, after two spells as caretaker.
  • Antti Niemi: Former Rangers, Southampton and Fulham goalkeeper.
  • Jonatan Johansson: Former Rangers and Charlton Athletic striker. He has been running the development squad at Motherwell in Scotland
  • Simo Valakari: Former Motherwell and Derby County midfielder, will combine managing SJK Seinäjoki with coaching the National team.

A more positive look to the future

2018 Euro U19s being staged in Vaasa and Seinäjoki.

Non-agenda news

When planning the show, Mark H asked if we could also have non-agenda news items. Naturally, these went into the agenda!

  • Puukki’s on fire
  • Recent transfers
    • Timo Furuholm to Inter Turku
    • Paulus Arajuuri to Brondy
    • HJK ins and outs

Remember, you welcome to join us for the recording of the podcast which is streamed live on YouTube. You could join in by asking a question in person, or just come on and say hi. Thanks again for everyone that joined us for the live recording of #FFS11.

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