Finnish Football Show #14: Huuhkajat in Action & Veikkausliiga 2017 Kicks-off

Join Mark (@explorefinland), Rich (@EscapeToSuomi) and Mark (@FCSuomi) for monthly episodes, where 3 old blokes sit and talk about football. In Finland.

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Show Notes & Video

This show is now recorded & broadcast live on YouTube. Follow Mark Wiltshear’s Channel for announcements of future broadcasts.

The #FFS theme tune is “Loppuun asti” by Lemmenpyssyt. You can listen to the song on Spotify or on YouTube . Connect with Lemmenpyssyt on Facebook.

In episode 14, as usual, we started by looking at some recent news:

  • Rich – The proliferation of new football kits being released in Finland
PS Kemi’s new kit, as lauded by Mark H, and Tweeted by Rich

Huuhkajat in Action

  • 24.3.2017 Turkey 2 – 0 Finland
  • 28.3.2017 Austria 1 – 1 Finland

Veikkausliiga starts

Summarised perfectly by Rich “It’s good, I’m glad” (you can see why we pay him the big bucks to appear on #FFS 😉 )

  • Wed 5.4.2017
    • HJK 5 – 0 VPS
    • SJK 1 – 1 FC Lahti
  • Sat 8.4.2017
    • IFK Mariehamn 5 –2 JJK
    • Ilves 1 — 1 FC Lahti
    • PS Kemi 0 — 0 HIFK
    • VPS 3 — 1 SJK

Since recording the show, there have been a couple more fixtures played:

  • Mon 10.4
    • HJK 2 – 0 KuPS
  • Wed 12.4
    • Inter 6 – 2 RoPS

The current league table can be found on the Veikkausliiga website

We also discussed:

  • Scheduling of fixtures
  • SJK’s recent new signings including Diego Bardanca, Facundo Guichon, and Aristote Mbomba
    • Image search Diego Bardanca’s name to see photos of his horrendous injury
Diego Bardanca, SJK. Photo by Antti Huhtamäki
  • We were also joined by young Lumi Nelson ❤️  whose contribution shows that the future of FFS is in good hands!

Remember, you welcome to join us for the recording of the podcast which is streamed live on YouTube. You could join in by asking a question in person, or just come on and say hi. Thanks again for everyone that joined us for the live recording of #FFS11.

Follow one (or all) of us on Twitter for advanced warning of the next Show.

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