Finnish Football Show 26: Finland Qualify For The Euros For The First Time. Ever!

Mark H & Keke from FFS share their experiences of being in the stadium (and on the pitch) as the Finnish national team create a piece of history.

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Join Mark (@explorefinland),  Mark (@FCSuomi),  Keke (@kekemyllari) and Rich (@EscapeToSuomi) for regular episodes, where 3 old blokes sit and talk about football in Finland. In English.

We’ll recap the end of the Veikkausliiga season, discuss who won the European places and promotion & relegation between the leagues.

We also have the regular features, “ja sillä sipuli” and “Following”. But. Surely. There’s only one place to start this week. And that is with last week’s games for the National team against Liechtenstein and Greece.

Show Notes & Links

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First Half

Kick-off Euro 2020 Qualifiers

  • 15.11 SUOMI 3 – 0 LIECHTENSTEIN – Finland’s second successive 3-0 home win, after the Armenia game in October
  • 18.10 KREIKKA 2 – 1 SUOMI

Upcoming Huuhkajat fixtures are the “Desert Friendlies” in Doha, January 2020.


“Ja sillä sipuli”
Finnish footy phrases / terminology.

  • Rive-lution – Markku Kanerva’s nickname, Rive + revolution.
    • Named in honour of  Brazilian legend, Rivelino and the revolution Kanerva has brought to the Finnish national teams performances.

Second Half

Remember, the toVeikkausliiga split after 22 games into the Champions series and Challenger series

Champions Series
  • KuPS won the final game of the season 2-0, effectively an winner-takes-all play-off, away to 2nd place FC Inter. Winning the league by 5 points.
Europa League Play-offs
  • Playing for a place in the two-legged final against 3rd placed Honka
  • HJK Helsinki 2 – 2 FC Lahti
    • HJK won 4-1 on penalties
  • IFK Mariehamn 0 – 0 HIFK Helsinki
    • Mariehamn won 4-2 on penalties
  • HJK Helsinki 1 – 2 IFK Mariehamn
  • Final:
    • IFK Mariehamn 1 – 2 Honka
    • Honka 1 – 0 IFK Mariehamn
Challenger Series
  • VPS Vaasa finished bottom so were relegated.
  • They were joined by KPV Kokkola who lost the relegation play-off 0 – 3 to TPS Turku.
Top Scorers table on
  1. Filip Valencic – FC Inter: 27 games 16 goals
  2. Lauri Ala-Myllymäki – Ilves: 24 games 12 goals
  3. Borjas Martin Gonzalez – FC Honka: 28 games 12 goals
  4. Timo Furuholm – FC Inter: 24 games 10 goals
  5. Erikson Carlos Dos Santos – HIFK: 27 games 10 goals

Injury time

Our monthly nomination of someone we know/like on Twitter…

  • Aidan Williams @yad_williams
    • Senior Writer for @thesefootytimes
    • Featured on @guardian and @theathletic
    • Keke “Aidan has written a few decent Finland articles for These Footy Times.”


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