Finnish Football Show 23: Veikkausliiga Halfway, Euro 2020 Qualifiers & Suomen Cup Shenanigans

Join Mark (@explorefinland),  Mark (@FCSuomi) and  Keke (@kekemyllari) for regular episodes, where 3 old blokes sit and talk about football. In Finland.

In episode 23, we discuss the 2019 Veikkausliiga season at the halfway stage. We look back at the disgraceful scenes at the end of the Suomen Cup Final. We also hear Keke trying to remember his trip to Liechtenstein to watch the Finnish national team.

Add-in some short news stories and the new, regular features and it’s another high-standard Finnish Football Show.

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Show Notes & Video

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First Half

Kick-off (News)

Mark W

  • 12.6 Suomen Cup Final: Mariehamn 0 – 2 Ilves
  • Fans pepper-sprayed at the end of the game


  • PS Kemi and their experiment with Red Strike is not looking good… surprise surprise
  • Joel Pohjanpallo finally back in training with Bayer Leverkusen

Mark H

  • Teemu Pukki signs a new contract at Norwich

Euro 2020 Qualifiers

  • 11.6. LIECHTENSTEIN 0 – 2 SUOMI 

Upcoming fixtures, both Euro 2020 qualifiers:

  • 5.9. SUOMI – GREECE Ratinan stadion, Tampere
  • 8.9. SUOMI – ITALIA Ratinan stadion, Tampere


“Ja sillä sipuli”
Finnish footy phrases / terminology.

  • Pihkatappi – literally, the fecal plug in a hibernating bear, meaning the anchorman or holding midfielder

Second Half

Veikkausliiga 2019 at the Halfway Stage

After approx. 15 games:

  • Ilves. Wow, still! – 13 games, W8, D4, L1 – one defeat!
    • 8 clean sheets now. They wobbled a little in June, concedíng 5 in 3 games, but still 🙌🏼
  • KuPS also flying high
  • HJK no longer ‘bang average’ now just ‘average’ but hanging in for 3rd place
  • SJK’s lack of goals and skillfull ‘quarterbacks’
  • Shocking form for VPS: P14, W0, D7, L7

Top Scorers – table on

  1. Filip Valencic,  FC Inter – 15 games, 12 goals
  2. Lucas Rangel, KuPS10 games, 8 goals
  3. Lauri Ala-Myllymäki,  Ilves – 12 games, 8 goals
  4. Martin Borjas,  FC Honka14 games, 7 goals
  5. Aristote Mboma, IFK Mariehamn – 12 goals, 6 goals

Injury time

Our monthly nomination of someone we know/like on twitter…

  • Minor League Soccer @Minor_LS
  • “Your one-stop resource for #Veikkausliiga analytics.”

And here is the Rakkaudesta Lajiin show featuring Mark W and the SJK’s British Klopit (those of you that don’t speak Finnish, start watching from 3:30.)


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